Friday, 12 September 2008

Leave your comments here (as long as they're nice)

Readers! (Reader?)

This is all new to me and I've been tinkering cautiously with the settings.... I can't find a way to retrospectively allow comments on older posts, but feel free to add your thoughts on pub cricket and rain here. New lists to follow soon.



Charlotte said...

1) I looked on the Met Office website the other day and saw a forcast that said we would be having 'organised rain'. I imagine the clouds up above gathering over their previously identified target before condensing en-masse and with much precision and uniformity. It turns out that John Humphrey's saw this too.

2) The reason why we don't talk about acid rain any more is because of economics and a free market response to regulation (is that possible?). In the 80's acid rain was a huge problem caused by the large volume of sulphur gases being pumped into the atmosphere by various highly polluting industries. Something had to be done as the environment was suffering, water was becoming polluted and some quite expensive paint jobs were being damaged. The government (US) told industry to find a way to reduce sulphur emissions. They said 'Impossible, far too expensive, blah blah blah'. Government said 'well, we don't want you to do it anymore so if you want to continue pushing sulphur into the atmosphere then you will have to buy our sulphur emissions credits (which you can trade on a sulphure emissions trading market) and every year there are going to be less and less of them and the price is going to go up so that you have to do something about it'. 'Grrr' said industry but they didn't have a choice so the sulphur trading credits were introduced and the market started to function. It wasn't very long though (months) until some bright sparks thought that seeing as they were now spending lots of money polluting they might as well have a go at stopping polluting. It turned out that the problem could be fixed and that the solution was far far far cheaper than the pollution credits. This caused the market to collapse in a couple of years as nobody needed the credits anymore and new legislation to be written banning sulphur pollution. This is why they think carbon trading might work. The End.

stephencowburn said...

The only oversight I can see in your otherwise exhaustive rain list is, of course, November Rain. This is similar to Purple Rain, only much sillier and more dated. The famous video, that most easily parodied of OTT rock operas, is a slog at 9minutes 12seconds, but stick with it until the drenched wedding cake bit, just to remind yourself why we left the 80s behind. Funny how, despite everything, it still seems oddly moving...