Monday, 16 March 2009

Who lives in a neo-Gothic, windswept, haunted, crumbling mansion like this.....

Time for a new poll. If you could live in any fictional house, where would you live?

I would like to live in the Moominhouse. Oddly, there is a real life version of this in Moominland, which really exists, in Finland. Instructions on how to make one out of gingerbread are here. Yum. The four-houses-in-one where the Beatles live in 'Help!' is pretty cool also.

Mr listingslightly would like to live next door to Barney Rubble, who he thinks is the best neighbour ever.

I'm not sure about sydthecat, but I suspect he'd like something like this. Or possibly this.

I suppose something to consider is whether the original inhabitants would be there or not. The Moominhouse would be much more fun if I could live with the Moomins, but I'd contemplate the Ewok village if they weren't there....

If you are interested in fictional property speculation, you can find a list (ha!) of the most expensive fictional houses here.

Vote now, or leave alternative suggestions in the comment box. They can be novel, film or TV houses. One film-knowledgeable friend would like to live in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse from the 1960 film, for example.


Charlotte said...

Moominland is far to freaky for me and I think you are a brave lady to consider living there.

I would have to live somewhere very fluffy. Actually I would love to live in Portland Bill's lighthouse as long as I could have his dog too. There was a lot of tea drinking in that house.

velvetpr said...

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