Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Mystery of the Secret Coffee Shop

We went to The Island two weekends ago and last weekend we went to The Forest. Possible suggestions for next weekend's expedition so far include:
1. The Mountain
2. The Castle

A good test I think is whether it can be incorporated into an Enid Blyton style title with the addition of an appropriate adjective, as in "Adventures on the [spooky/old/haunted/mysterious/secret/enchanted/strange] Island" or "Four go to the [as above] Forest".

Sussex isn't known for its mountains, though, and although I could go to a castle, spooky, old, haunted, mysterious, secret, enchanted, strange or otherwise, I suspect that this weekend will be slightly less adventurous. "Adventures in the Mysterious Laundrette" and "Two go to the Enchanted Supermarket" are probably more like it.

How is your weekend looking?

1 comment:

HME said...

Mine will be more Stephen King than Enid Blyton - Terror on Oxford Street.