Monday, 1 December 2008

Countdown conundrum

It is Advent. Calendars abound, as do perfume adverts, large tins of chocolates, and sparkly lights.

As they say in adverts for financial products, past performance is not a guarantee of future results, which gives me some hope that this will be the year I arrive for Christmas on time, sober and with all my presents selected, bought and wrapped. This would be pleasing. My own countdown to Christmas will most likely be alternately highly organised and entirely shambolic as this list will demonstrate:

1st - 10th (approx) - State of denial, other than admiring sparkly lights
11th - Make lists of a) card recipients, b) present recipients, c) presents I would actually like for Christmas (too late now - in despair everyone has got me vouchers)
12th - Buy cards
13th - Write cards
14th - Send cards. Feel smug
15th - Get over-excited about decorating tree with sparkly lights etc
16th - Go to shops and freak out in crowds - go home for a cup of tea and a sit down
17th - Buy presents online
18th - Dash about trying to see everyone I know
19th - Decide presents bought online won't arrive in time and rush to the shops
20th - Online presents arrive
21st - Solstice! Go to Burning of the Clocks and then pub
22nd - Recovery
23rd - Last minute shopping and more pre-Christmas drinks
24th - Arrive at parents' house hungover, and go straight to the traditional Christmas Eve pub gathering / birthday celebrations
25th - In bosom of family. Eat, drink, relax.

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