Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lemurs are great

Since last week I have become mildly obsessed with lemurs. They are truly marvellous, and interestingly varied. I intend to visit some - not, sadly, in Madagascar, although actually that's probably just as well as that's where they live free and can probably do without me stalking them. I shall make a plan.

Here are places where you can learn more about them:

1. The Lemur Centre at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)
Which has lots of information about lemurs, their habits and their relation to humans, as they are also primates.

2. National Geographic
As linked to previously. But here is a video about catching a wee mouse lemur in order to study it and then return it to its tree.

3. Lemur Health
A graduate research student studies lemurs in Madagascar. Good photos and pictures, including some good ones of mouse lemurs. She's going back to Madagascar this year to study bigger lemurs.

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