Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's not just me....

Who doesn't like lists? Not you, presumably, dear reader, or you wouldn't be reading this. Unless you don't but are overcoming your natural antipathy because you like me. In which case thank you, crazy yet loyal friend (friend, not stalker, let us hope). Or unless you are here by accident, in which case welcome! do stay and have a read, unless you're in a rush, in which case click here for an emergency exit.

In no particular order here are some people who like lists in a music-themed way:

1. Book: Hang the DJ - An Alternative Book of Music Lists, edited by Angus Cargill
Marvellous - an unbirthday present which includes lists as good as The Walruses: The Ten Greatest Moustaches in Rock, Lilac Wine: The Ten Best Albums to Get Drunk Alone To, Deserving but Denied: Thirty-three No. 2s That Should Have Been No. 1 and Teenage Flicks, So Hard to Beat: Ten Songs from Eighties Teen Movies. Fantastic stuff - and by great writers like Laura Barton, Michael Faber and Simon Reynolds.

2. Another book: All Known Metal Bands by Dan Nelson
A book that is one big list. Surely not every known metal band you ask? But yes, apparently so, every one. That secret metal band you have at home doesn't count as it's not known. Except to you. And probably your neighbours.

3. Mark Ronson
Or, more accurately, Kaiser Chiefs, who asked him to make a list of his top 100 bands.

4. Wikipedia LOVES lists.
Here is one of electronic music genres. Who knew there were so many? No wonder record shops are so complicated. Rock / Pop / Dance / Jazz / World / Classical doesn't really begin to cover it.

There are more... I could probably post a link to someone else's music list every day for, well, ever, probably. But that's not my plan. Still, if you spot something good, do let me know (the comment box awaits your wisdom).

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